Air Conditioning

air conditioningOn a hot day it is such a relief to get back into your car and turn the air conditioner on. The chilled air refreshes you and lets you take a deep breath and relax. There aren't too many things more disappointing than to turn on the air conditioning and get nothing. Also, you will need your system working properly in wet and cold weather to help remove moister faster on the inside of your car. (Especially your windshield) So, to keep you cool in the summer or dry in the winter, you need to take care of your air conditioning system.

All the right parts need to be in good working order because over time everything degrades: seals, O-rings, and hoses. Even fittings can become loose. These little problems can turn into bigger problems. Your vehicle may develop refrigerant leaks, which reduce your comfort and harm the environment. Leaks can damage other components, like compressors and evaporators. Proper inspection and maintenance can save you time and money.

At Turco's Automotive we're ready to examine your vehicle's air conditioning system components and get them all in optimal working condition. If your system has problems, we are always happy to help. Call us at 253-851-0500 and let us help you maintain your automobile or truck air conditioning system.

Here is what we typically look at for air conditioning problems:

  • Check for proper Freon content
  • Test Freon for moisture contamination
  • Check Freon for air contamination
  • Clean condenser fins, if needed
  • Inspect and adjust air conditioning compressor drive belt
  • Performance test the air conditioning operation
  • Inspect all visible air conditioning components for leaks and add Freon dye for additional leakage checks, as needed

In addition to automobile air conditioning maintenance and repair we offer a full range of exceptional professional repair services to make your car or truck run better than it did before repairs were needed. Please, let us know what we can do for you and when you would like an appointment for an estimate.