Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement HondaMost vehicles call for their Timing Belt to be changed between 90000 - 100000 miles. Some are more often than that. If you are unaware of your vehicles timing belt replacement recommendation, please don't hesitate to call! 253-851-0500

Like any other Belt on a vehicle the Timing Belt is made of rubber that after time and mileage will become weak and break. Unlike other belts on vehicles the Timing belt keeps all of the engines components moving at the right time, so when it brakes the damage is usually much more severe. 

Most vehicles timing belts are wrapped around the Water Pump, a Tensioner, an Idler Pulley, and cover a couple of seals. It is due to these reasons that we purchase Timing Belt Kits (which include all the serviceable components involved with the Timing Belt) and bundle it into one job, saving you the repeated repairs later on, and saving your wallet from the hefty price of labor to do the job again when one of the smaller components needs to be changed.